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Robert Verrall

Director, Producer,
(b. January 13, 1928 Toronto, Ontario)

Veteran NFB producer Robert Verrall joined the Board in 1945 as an animator under Norman McLaren and contributed to such NFB classics as The Romance of Transportation in Canada (1952) and The Great Toy Robbery (1963). He became director of English Animation in 1967 and director of English production in 1972. He produced more than one hundred and thirty short films for the NFB throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties and enjoyed a long collaborative relationship with Wolf Koenig.


 In the eighties, Verrall acted as executive producer on a number of NFB co-productions including Robin Philips’s The Wars (1983), Claude Fornier’s The Tin Flute (1983) and Bruce Pitman’s Academy Award®-nominated The Painted Door (1984). He also earned Academy Award nominations for Carlos Marchiori’s The Drag (1966), Les Drew and Kaj Pindal's What on Earth! (1967), Michael Mills’s Evolution (1971) and Yvone Malette’s The Family That Dwelt Apart (1974).

Film and video work includes

Christmas Carols, 1947 (animator)
A Story About Breadmaking in the Year 1255 A.D., 1948 (director; cinematographer; editor; animator)
Ottawa: Today and Tomorrow, 1951 (animator)
Age of the Beaver, 1952 (animator)
Grain Handling in Canada, 1955 (animator)
The Structure of Unions, 1955 (writer)
A Is for Architecture, 1960 (co-director with Gerald Budner)
Hors-d'oeuvre, 1960 (co-director and co-animator with Gerald Potterton, Arthur Lipsett, Derek Lamb et al.)
The Great Toy Robbery, 1964 (producer)
Percé on the Rocks, 1964 (animator)
The Drag, 1965 (producer)
Alphabet, 1966 (producer)
Energy and Matter, 1966 (director; animator)
Kurelek, 1966 (co-producer with Tom Daly)
Boomsville, 1967 (producer)
In a Box, 1967 (producer)
Origami, 1967 (producer)
Pikangikum, 1967 (co-producer with John Kemeny)
Tax Is Not a Four-letter Word, 1967 (producer)
Two Films by Lipsett, 1967 (co-producer with Joseph Koenig, Mark Slade)
Around Perception, 1968 (producer)
Cosmic Zoom, 1968 (co-producer with Joseph Koenig)
King Size, 1968 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
Little Red Riding Hood, 1968 (producer)
Population Explosion, 1968 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
Rx for Export, 1968 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
The Cartoon Film, 1969 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
The Half-masted Schooner, 1969 (co-producer with Joseph Koenig)
To See or Not to See, 1969 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
The Sky is Blue, 1969 (producer)
Ashes of Doom, 1970 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
Best Friends, 1970 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
The City: Osaka, 1970 (co-producer with John Kemeny)
Doodle Film, 1970 (producer)
Loops to Learn By, 1970 (co-producer with Dorothy Courtois)
Of Many People, 1970 (co-producer with John Spotton)
What is Life?, 1970 (co-producer with Joseph Koenig)
Where There's Smoke, 1970 (co-director with Grant Munro, Kaj Pindal, Wolf Koenig et al.; executive producer)
Christmas at Moose Factory, 1971 (executive producer)
Citizen Harold, 1971 (executive producer)
Hot Stuff, 1971 (producer)
In a Nutshell, 1971 (co-producer with Wolf Koenig)
The Men in the Park, 1971 (producer)
Out of Silence, 1971 (executive producer)
Pavilion, 1971 (executive producer)
The Specialist, 1971 (producer)
180 is Max, 1972 (producer)
A Film For Japan, 1972 (producer)
Bloodsugar, 1972 (executive producer)
Exeter, 1972 (executive producer)
Gore Road, 1972 (producer)
Hard Rider, 1972 (executive producer)
The North Wind and the Sun: A Fable by Aesop, 1972 (producer)
Paul Kane Goes West, 1972 (executive producer)
Tilt, 1972 (executive producer)
The Underground Movie, 1972 (executive producer)
11 Steps to Survival, 1973 (co-producer with Pierre Lamare)
The Family That Dwelt Apart, 1973 (executive producer)
Man: The Polluter, 1973 (executive producer)
Tickets s.v.p., 1973 (executive producer)
The Twitch, 1973 (executive producer)
Valley of the Moon, 1973 (producer)
The Bear's Christmas, 1974 (executive producer)
Goldwood, 1974 (executive producer)
Propaganda Message, 1974 (executive producer)
Face of the Earth, 1975 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Fashion Designer, 1977 (producer)
Canada Vignettes: Physiotherapist, 1977 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Veterinarian, 1977 (executive producer)
No Apple for Johnny, 1977 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Ballet Master, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Bells and Brass, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Bill Miner, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Crossing Guards, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Dentist, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Faces, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Ham, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Home of the Beaver, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Land of the Maple Leaf, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Logger, 1978 (executive producer)
The Man Who Discovered America, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Maple Leaf, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Les nigogeux, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Onions and Garlic, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Performer, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Photographers, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Stunt Family, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Toronto, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Veteran, 1978 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: The Violin Maker, 1978 (executive producer)
Oh Canada, 1978 (co-producer with Dorothy Courtois, Roman Krotior, Wolf Koenig)
Canada Vignettes: Captain Cook, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Full Circle, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Helen Law, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Ma Chère Albertine, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: La Mer enligne nos terres, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Wild Rice Harvest Kenora, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Winter - Dressing Up, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Winter - Starting the Car, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: Wooly Mammoth, 1979 (co-producer with Peter Jones)
Canada Vignettes: Wop May, 1979 (executive producer)
Canada Vignettes: June in Povungnituk - Quebec Arctic, 1980 (executive producer)
A Choice of Two, 1981 (executive producer)
A Right to Refuse?, 1981 (executive producer)
Arthritis: A Dialogue with Pain, 1981 (executive producer)
Ten Million Books: An Introduction to Farley Mowatt, 1981 (producer)
24,213,000... Impressions of the Federal Cultural Review Committee Hearings 1981, 1982 (executive producer)
An Equal Opportunity, 1982 (executive producer)
The Chemistry of Fire, 1982 (executive producer)
End Game in Paris, 1982 (executive producer)
Military Ceremonial: An Introduction, 1982 (executive producer)
Next Generation, 1982 (executive producer)
One Out of Three is a Fishboat, 1982 (executive producer)
The Way It Is, 1982 (executive producer)
What Do We Do Now?, 1982 (executive producer)
Bonheu d'occasion, 1983 (executive producer)
"Excuse Me, But There's a Computer Asking for You," 1983 (executive producer)
Laughter in my Soul, 1983 (executive producer with Roman Kroitor)
So You're Going to Buy a Boat, 1983 (executive producer)
A Good Tree, 1984 (executive producer)
Bambinger, 1984 (executive producer)
Bayo, 1984 (executive producer)
Cages, 1984 (executive producer)
The Cap, 1984 (executive producer; TV)
Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair, 1984 (executive producer)
Incident at Restigouche, 1984 (executive producer)
River Journey, 1984 (executive producer)
Starbreaker, 1984 (executive producer)
Unfinished Business, 1984 (executive producer)
Richard Cardinal: Cry from a Diary of a Métis Child, 1986 (co-producer with Alanis Obomsawin, Marrin Canell)
Poundmaker's Lodge: A Healing Place, 1987 (co-producer with Alanis Obomsawin, Marrin Canell)