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Seul ou avec d’autres

Year: 1962
Language: French
Format: 16mm Black & White
Runtime: 64 min
Director: Stéphane Venne, Denis Héroux, Denys Arcand
Writer: Stéphane Venne, Denys Arcand
Cinematographer: Michel Brault
Editor: Gilles Groulx, Bernard Gosselin
Sound: Marcel Carrière
Music: Stéphane Venne
Cast: Nicole Braun, Pierre Létourneau, Marie-José Raymond, Michelle Boulizon, Carl Mailhot, André Dubois, Serge Grenier, Marc Laurendeau, Marcel Saint-Germain
Production Company: Association Générale des Étudiants de l’Université de Montréal

Quebec’s first independent feature film, Seul ou avec d’autres was an important precursor of French Canadian cinema of the sixties. It was filmed with the assistance of several individuals familiar with the techniques of direct cinema, who would later play leading roles in Quebec cinema.

A "staged" documentary portraying student life in the early sixties, the film was financed by the students’ association at the University of Montreal and improvised on a theme suggested by students (a fictional love affair as experienced by a first-year student). Though in retrospect it is as banal in its theme as other similar "student" films of its era, such as Larry Kent’s The Bitter Ash (1963), its application of direct cinema to fiction was startling at the time.