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Our Northern Neighbour

(Russia's Foreign Policy)

Year: 1944
Language: English
Runtime: 21 min
Director: Tom Daly
Producer: Stuart Legg
Editor: Tom Daly
Music: Lucio Agostini
Narration: Lorne Greene
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

One of the most controversial entries in the NFB’s World at Action series, this compilation film considers the value of the Soviet Union as an ally by providing a sympathetic survey of the historical and political imperatives of the USSR and its foreign policy from 1917 through World War II. Although the film’s commentary never refers to “Communism,” Our Northern Neighbour was attacked for espousing “a type of socialist and foreign philosophy.”

Several films in the series remained in active distribution after the war – including the similarly themed Inside Fighting Russia a.k.a. Our Russian Ally, which also made no direct mention of Communism – but Our Northern Neighbour was withdrawn.

By: Peter Morris

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