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En tant que femmes

Year: 1973
Language: French
Format: 16mm Colour
Runtime: 57 min Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

À qui appartient ce gage? (1973)
Souris, tu m’inquiètes (1973)
Les Filles du Roy/They Called us “Les Filles du Roy” (1974)
J’me Marie, J’me Marie pas (1973)
Les Filles c’est pas pareil (1974)

This remarkable series of five films made by Quebec women, about Quebec women, was produced for Challenge for Change/Société Nouvelle by Anne Claire Poirier, who was also one of the driving forces behind the project and directed Les Filles du Roy (the only one also released in English).

À qui appartient ce gage? is a documentary focusing on daycare centres and on the responsibilities and commitments that adults have towards children. Part drama, part non-fiction, Souris, tu m’inquiètes is the account of a woman who sets out to find herself after realizing that her only identity is one that reflects her husband’s and her children’s idea of her. Les Filles du Roy examines the position and role of women in Quebec history. J’me Marie, J’me Marie pas follows four women, aged twenty-eight to thirty, as they discuss the choices they’ve made in their relationships with men, while Les Filles c’est pas pareil is about the thoughts and feelings of six adolescent women.

The films all sparked considerable critical reaction (most of it positive) following their telecasts on Radio-Canada, and undoubtedly encouraged the work of other women directors and technicians, as did the contemporaneous (though very different) Working Mothers series. Poirier’s Le Temps de l’avant (1975) is often considered part of this series, though it is not officially listed as such.

By: Peter Morris