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The Animal Movie

(Les Animaux en marche)

Year: 1966
Runtime: 10 min
Director: Grant Munro, Ron Tunis
Producer: Sidney Goldsmith
Cinematographer: Jacques Jarry
Animation: Grant Munro, Ron Tunis
Sound: Pierre Brault, Kathleen Shannon
Music: Pierre Brault, Kathleen Shannon
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada
Using felt-pen outline drawings photographed from paper and a soundtrack of children’s laughter and music, this pleasant, light-hearted animated film was designed to help children explore why and how animals move the way they do. After discovering he cannot keep up with a monkey, a snake or a horse by moving as they do, a young boy learns he can surpass all of them using human inventions that can travel in any environment, and thus comes to understand the benefits of technology. The Animal Movie won the La Plata award at the Venice International Film Festival.

By: Andrew McIntosh

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