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World in a Marsh

(L’Étang/The Lively Pond)

Year: 1956
Language: English
Runtime: 21 min
Director: William Carrick, Maureen Balfe
Producer: Michael Spencer
Writer: Michael Spencer
Cinematographer: William Carrick
Editor: Maureen Balfe
Sound: Clarke Daprato
Music: Robert Fleming
Narration: John Drainie
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

Winner of many international awards, this classic natural history film examines the ecology of a marsh and represented a major development in the genre. It avoids the cute, anthropomorphic approach then common in natural history films in favour of respecting its subject and its audience. World in a Marsh was also released theatrically in the Canada Carries On series in a shortened version titled The Lively Pond.

By: Peter Morris

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