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Year: 1992
Language: English
Runtime: 90 min
Director: Stephen Low
Producer: Stephen Low, Pietro Serapiglia
Executive Producer: André Picard
Cinematographer: Ralph White
Editor: James Lahti
Sound: Don White, Mark Gingras, Peter Harper
Narration: Leonard Nimoy
Production Company: Colin Low Films International, IMAX Corporation

The second feature-length IMAX documentary production – and one of the most popular and highest-grossing Canadian films ever made – Titanica follows a diverse crew on a four-kilometre descent below the surface of the North Atlantic (a depth even sunlight cannot pentrate) to film the wreck of the Titanic. On each dive to the doomed ocean liner’s grave, the three-member crews spent between eighteen and twenty-five hours inside two tiny Russian-built submarines (that cost the production ten million dollars apiece); the interactions between the eccentric, international crew members offer welcome comic relief throughout the film.

The awe-inspiring photography of the ship’s ruins is courtesy of IMAX cameras mounted on the submersibles and custom-designed, high-intensity lights that generated 150,000 watts. Extensive underwater shots on the five-storey IMAX screen leave viewers feeling damp by the final frames.

Titanica, which received a Genie Award nomination for Feature Length Documentary, was released in the United States in a forty-minute version.