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The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin

(La Tendre Histoire de Cendrillon pingouin)

Year: 1981
Format: 35mm Colour
Runtime: 10 min
Producer: Janet Perlman
Director: Janet Perlman
Executive Producer: Derek Lamb
Cinematographer: Raymond Dumas, Pierre Landry, Jacques Avoine
: Janet Perlman
Sound: Hans Strobl, Janet Perlman, Normand Roger, André Galbrand
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

In this fresh take on a centuries-old fairy tale, Cinderella is a mistreated, romantic penguin who loses her magic flipper as she runs to meet her midnight deadline. All ends well when Prince Charming finds the right webbed foot and the nasty stepfamily is brought to heel. Animator Janet Perlman illustrates the film with a decidedly medieval flavour, with hilarious and irreverent results.

The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin received an Acadmey Award® nomination for Animated Short Film, the fourth nomination in five years for executive producer Derek Lamb.

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