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Street Musique

Year: 1972
Runtime: 9 min
Director: Ryan Larkin
Producer: Ryan Larkin
Cinematographer: Pierre Provost, Cameron Gaul, Simon Leblanc
Animation: Ryan Larkin
Sound: Roland Newton
Music: Rick Scott, Dick Tarnoff, Rick Stone, Rick Watson, Jim Colby, Jon Van Arsdell
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

This collection of short vignettes made with a variety of techniques illustrates the (often nostalgic) feelings evoked by street music. Ryan Larkin’s follow-up to his seminal, Academy Award®-nominated short Walking (1968), Street Musique was equally well received – it screened around the world and won the Grand Prix at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It also shows evidence of the unstructured, undisciplined and random nature of Larkin’s working style that was a result of the downward spiral into cocaine addiction that would ultimately sideline his career.

By: Andrew McIntosh

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