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Snow in Venice

Year: 1970
Language: English
Format: 16mm Colour
Runtime: 30 min
Director: Don Owen
Producer: Sam Levene, David Pears
Cinematographer: Mike Dodds
Editor: Don Owen
Sound: Ivan Sharrock
Cast: Joyce Wieland, Michael Snow
Production Company: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Snow in Venice, a portrait of the artist Michael Snow and his then-wife, Joyce Wieland, touring Italy, ranks with Cowboy and Indian as Owen’s most balanced examination of art. His conception of the artist is embodied by Snow, in whose world play and work are synonymous. The film is also one of Owen’s first pieces to discuss politics overtly (specifically the Vietnam War), a subject he would tackle more directly in features like Partners and Unfinished Business. Monique Leyrac in Concert, Richler of St. Urbain Street and Snow in Venice were all shot for the CBC’s “Telescope” series.

By: Steve Gravestock