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Le Paysagiste


Year: 1976
Runtime: 8 min
Director: Jacques Drouin
Producer: Gaston Sarault
Editor: Jacques Drouin
: Jacques Drouin
Sound: Michel Descombes, Roger Lamoureux
Music: Jean-Denis Larochelle
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

A masterpiece of animation, this mesmerizing film was created by director Jacques Drouin using an Alexeieff pin-screen, which is comprised of thousands of pins that can be adjusted in depth to alter their reflection or absorption of light. The film evokes the landscapes of the unconscious in its story of an artist who steps inside his own painting and encounters symbols that trigger unexpected associations. An important work, Le Paysagiste/Mindscape received a special jury prize at the 1976 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

By: Andrew McIntosh