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Pas de deux

Pas de deux

Year: 1968
Language: English
Format: 16mm Black & White
Runtime: 13 min
Director: Norman McLaren
Producer: Norman McLaren
Cinematographer: Jacques Fogel
Animation: Norman McLaren
Music: Maurice Blackburn
Cast: Vincent Warren, Margaret Mercier
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

In this stunning meditation on form and movement, Norman McLaren examines the choreography of ballet. Pas de deux, considered by many to be McLaren's masterpiece, was created by photographing backlit dancers dressed in white against a black backdrop. McLaren then used an optical printer to expose individual frames up to 11 times.

Pas de deux won 20 awards, nationally and internationally, including a special Canadian Film Award for exceptional quality and awards at festivals in Melbourne, Locarno, Buenos Aires, Chicago, New York and London, England, as well as receiving a nomination for the 1968 Academy Award for best live action short.

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