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A Musician in the Family

(Un musician dans la famille)

Year: 1953
Language: English
Runtime: 17 min
Director: Gudrun Parker
Producer: Guy Glover
Writer: Alvin Goldman
Cinematographer: Denis Gillson
Sound: Clifford Griffin
Music: Robert Fleming
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada
Similar in style to several other post-war NFB docudramas, A Musician in the Family tells the story of Andrew, a young farm boy who wants to be a musician. Though the boy is encouraged by his mother and teachers, his father is bitterly opposed to the idea until he hears his son perform in a concert. This film – like others by Gudrun Parker concerned with music and theatre, such as 1951’s Opera School – is also indicative of a growing concern at the time for Canadian cultural values.

By: Peter Morris

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