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Monsieur Pointu

Year: 1975
Format: 16mm/35mm Colour
Runtime: 13 min
Director: André Leduc, Bernard Longpré
Producer: René Jodoin
Cinematographer: Co Hoedeman
Editor: Claude Jobin
Sound: Michel Descombes, Roger Lamoureux, Gilles Quintal
Music: Paul Cormier
Cast: Paul Cormier
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

This virtuoso production, featuring the internationally renowned Québécois violinist Monsieur Pointu (whose real name is Paul Cormier), also pays tribute to legendary animator Norman McLaren by extending McLaren’s pixillation technique from Neighbours (1952) and A Chairy Tale (1957) and combining it with optical effects. Directors Bernard Longpré and André Leduc dismember Monsieur Pointu and his violin with strange and amusing results, allowing each separate part – head, feet, limbs, bow, strings, various pieces of attire – to engage in a performance of one of Monsieur Pointu’s lively songs. Monsieur Pointu received an Academy Award® nomination for Animated Short Film.

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