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Man Feel Pain

Year: 2004
Language: English
Format: Digital Betacam Colour
Runtime: 11 min
Director: Dylan Smith
Producer: Wendy Russell
Executive Producer: Andrew Williamson
Writer: Kris Elgstrand
Cinematographer: Dylan Smith
Editor: Tony Smith
Sound: Mario Loubert
Music: Allan Levy
Cast: Brad Dryborough, Ryan Robbins, Arabella Bushnell, Peter New, Xantha Radley
Production Company: Crazy 8s Film Ltd., Love Your Work Productions
A smartly written tale of urban despair, suffering and salvation, Man Feel Pain is an irreverently funny look at how the young man living in apartment 4B inadvertently becomes a martyr and wipes clean the sins of his neighbours through his experiments with self-inflicted pain. It was named Best Canadian Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival® and went on to win the audience award at the Whistler Film Festival.

By: Steve Gravestock