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Love Come Down

Year: 2000
Language: English
Format: 35mm Colour
Runtime: 101 min
Director: Clement Virgo
Producer: Clement Virgo, Eric Jordan, Damon D’Oliveira
Executive Producer: Victor Solnicki, Pierre René, Firdaus Kharas, Robert Baruc, Karel Dirka, Larenz Tate
Writer: Clement Virgo
Cinematographer: Dylan Macleod
Editor: Susan Maggi
Sound: Paul Adlaf
Music: Aaron Davis, John Lang
Cast: Jennifer Dale, Kenneth Welsh, Sarah Polley, Larenz Tate, Deborah Cox, Martin Cummins, Rainbow Francks, Barbara Williams, Peter Williams
Production Company: The Film Works

Neville (Larenz Tate) is an aspiring stand-up comic just out of a convent-based drug rehabilitation centre. Ladies’ man Matthew (Martin Cummins) is a professional boxer who has trouble communicating his feelings. The two brothers, one black and one white, have seen their family torn apart by tragedy: their mother is serving time in prison for the murder of Neville’s father (Matthew’s stepfather), an event they witnessed as young boys. Revisiting his old haunt, Neville quickly becomes captivated with Nico (Deborah Cox), a young club singer dealing with her own family issues (she is the black adopted child of white Jewish parents) and the skeletons in her closet. Struggling at once with his comedy routine and his burgeoning romance with Nico, Neville succumbs to temptation and resumes his drug habit. Back at rehab, he seeks compassion from a surprisingly hip and smart-ass nun (Sarah Polley). He begins to find an inner peace, only to face a final showdown with Matthew that tests the strength of their familial bonds.

A raw and gutsy film, Love Come Down is a spiritual drama that digs deep into the cultural mosaic of Toronto and explores issues of family, addiction, love and identity. Director Clement Virgo reaffirms his reputation as an adroit visual stylist with a passion for heartfelt stories about people seeking redemption in a confusing world. Though hampered at times by a confusing flashback structure, Love Come Down is a polished production featuring strong work from a fine cast. A multiple award winner on the international film festival circuit, it was nominated for nine Genie Awards and won three for Supporting Actor (Cummins), Editing and Overall Sound.

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