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Les Sauf-conduits

(The Letters of Transit)

Year: 1991
Language: French
Format: 16mm Colour
Runtime: 56 min
Director: Manon Briand
Producer: Manon Briand
Writer: Manon Briand
Cinematographer: Yves Bélanger
Editor: Richard Comeau
Sound: Catherine Van Der Donckt, Charline Boudreau, Shelley Craig, Jean-Pierre Joutel
Music: Pierre Messier
Cast: Julie Laverge, Patrick Goyette, Yves Pelletier, Claude Poissant, Rodrigue Jean, Luc Picard

A passionate and unpredictable film about three characters in love, Les Sauf-conduits explores the tenuous balance between friendship and romantic love. When three friends set out to break the world’s egg-tossing record, their relationships become increasingly entangled and complicated. In her arresting first film, director Manon Briand crafts poetic images that are striking, fresh and occasionally quirky, and elicits uncannily natural performances from her actors.

Les Sauf-conduits garnered several awards on the festival circuit, including the award for Best Canadian Short Film at the 1992 Festival of Festivals (now the Toronto International Film Festival®) and Golden Sheaf Awards for Best Director and Best Film at the Yorkton Film Festival.

By: Andrew McIntosh

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