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Last Wedding

Last Wedding

Year: 2001
Language: English
Format: 35mm Colour
Runtime: 100 min
Director: Bruce Sweeney
Producer: Stephen Hegyes
Writer: Bruce Sweeney
Cinematographer: David Pelletier
Editor: Ross Weber
Sound: Roderick Matte
Cast: Molly Parker, Vincent Gale, Nancy Sivak, Tom Scholte, Frida Betrani, Benjamin Ratner
Production Company: Last Wedding Productions (Vancouver)

Last Wedding, Bruce Sweeney's third feature film, is an ambitious and inventive film that examines contemporary relationships with wit and irony. The film centres around three Vancouver couples trying to come to grips with life and its temptations.

Noah (Ratner), a waterproofing professional, and Zippy (Betrani), a country singer, have known each other for just six months and are determined to marry despite their difficulties as a couple and the consternation of their families and friends. Peter (Scholte) and Shane (Gale) offer lukewarm congratulations, but find themselves looking over their shoulders as their relationships begin to show signs of strain.

Working with his regular team of actors and adding rising star Molly Parker to the mix, Sweeney was able to showcase his strengths. He directs his cast with assurance, bringing depth and humanity to the characters, while balancing diverse moods and tones. As the film moves from comedy to drama, and finally to farce, Sweeney proves a master at handling different emotional colours. He not only brings us up close to the dilemmas the characters face but also adroitly paints a realistic portrait of contemporary life.

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