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Labour in Canada

(Syndicalisme canadien)

Year: 1953
Language: English and French
Format: 16mm Black & White
Runtime: 20 min Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

The Shop Steward/Le Délégué d’atelier (1953)
Dues and the Union/Les Cotisations syndicales (1953)
The Research Director/Le Directeur des recherches (1954)
The Grievance/Le Grief (1954)
The Structure of Unions/La structure d’un syndicat (1955)

This series of five films, written, directed and produced by Morten Parker, was ostensibly designed to illustrate the workings of trade unions. The films all illustrate the thesis that workers and employers have no essential conflicts and share the same concerns, and that the function of unions is to regulate worker-management relations as harmoniously as possible. All but one of the films are docudramas (The Structure of Unions is animated) that depict typical case histories or stories.

In 1958, Parker made the comparable series The Nature of Work/Le Monde au travail, which consisted of six dramatized films focusing on individuals in a large industrial operation.

By: Peter Morris