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Jeunesse Année O.

Year: 1964
Language: French
Format: 16mm Black & White
Runtime: 39 min
Director: Louis Portugais
Producer: Claude Fournier
Writer: Normand Cloutier
Cinematographer: Daniel Fournier
Editor: Annie Tresgot
Sound: Louis Portugais
Narration: Michel Garneau
Production Company: Les Films Claude Fournier, La Fédération libérale du Québec

This hard-hitting direct-cinema portrait captures the alienation and suppressed rebelliousness of Quebec youth of the early sixties. Produced for the Quebec Liberal party, it shocked members at the convention at which it was shown, not least because of the young people’s constantly expressed dissatisfaction with traditional politics and their desire for alternative solutions. The film was shown in a shortened English version on CBC-TV in 1964.

By: Peter Morris

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