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Year: 2001
Language: English
Format: 35mm Colour
Runtime: 100 min
Director: Sean Garrity
Producer: Brendon Sawatzky
Writer: Sean Garrity
Cinematographer: Michael Marshall
Editor: Sean Garrity
Sound: Russ Dyck
Music: Richard Moody
Cast: Jonas Chernick, Sarah Constible, Gordon Tanner, Micheline Marchildon
Production Company: Indian Snack Box Productions
In director Sean Garrity’s feature debut, the lives of four twenty-something Winnipeggers are sidetracked by desire, deception, adultery and incest. Joseph (Jonas Chernick) cannot accept that Laura (Sarah Constible) doesn’t want him anymore, while Laura is infatuated with Joseph’s married friend Bruce (Gordon Tanner), who is attracted to Joseph’s nineteen-year-old cousin, Alex (Micheline Marchildon), who in turn has insinuated herself into Joseph’s life with an ulterior motive.

This intelligent, playful, anti-romantic comedy of manners was the result of two years of collaboration between Garrity and members of Winnipeg’s improvisational theatre community. Inertia won the Citytv Award for Best Canadian First Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival® in 2001 and enjoyed a modest theatrical release.

By: Andrew McIntosh