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In the Gutter and Other Good Places

Year: 1993
Language: English
Format: 16mm Colour
Runtime: 56 min
Director: Cristine Richey
Producer: Cristine Richey
Writer: Cristine Richey
Cinematographer: Douglas Munro, Philip Letourneau
Editor: Jack Morbin
Sound: Steve Munro
Music: Adrian Belew
Narration: Cristine Richey
Cast: Colin Sinclaire, Ron Beards, Jean Leduc
Production Company: Ladder to the Moon Productions

In a poignant, humorous and gut-wrenching look at urban street life, director Cristine Richey exposes the frustrations and tragedies of three "dumpster divers" – homeless men who survive on the waste of our disposable society, collecting bottles and other recyclables from garbage cans to earn money. One of them, Ron, is a former engineer who lost his family and privileged position to alcoholism. Another, Colin, who was considered a genius as a child, offers a thoughtful rant on society’s wasteful ways; his suicide is a slap in the face for viewers.

Four years in the making, In the Gutter and Other Good Places is an eye-opener. Featuring cinematography that makes the big city (it was shot in urban Calgary) look lonely and unforgiving, it is a disturbing sign of the times and won a Genie Award for Best Documentary.