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La Guerre des tuques

(The Dog Who Stopped the War)

Year: 1984
Language: French
Format: 35mm Colour
Runtime: 91 min
Director: André Melançon
Producer: Rock Demers, Nicole Robert
Executive Producer: Claude Bonin
Writer: André Melançon, Danyèle Patenaude, Roger Cantin
Cinematographer: François Protat
Editor: André Corriveau
Sound: Serge Beauchemin, Austin Grimaldi, Don White
Music: Germaine Gauthier
Cast: Cédric Jourde, Maripierre D’Amour, Julien Élie, Luc Boucher, Gilbert Monette, Minh Duc
Production Company: Les Productions La Fête

Two gangs of schoolchildren spend their winter break immersed in a war game in which the victors win an extraordinary ice fortress. One gang is captained by Luke (Cédric Jourde), a born leader; the other is headed by Sophie (Maripierre Arseneau D’Amour), the new kid on the block whose foolhardiness inspires feats of daring among her recruits. The snowball fight is good-natured at first, but the game gradually turns antagonistic and eventually reaches an abrupt and disturbing conclusion, teaching the children a difficult but valuable lesson.

La Guerre des tuques, a modest, endearing drama of camaraderie and rivalry, is the first film in Rock Demers’s Tales for All series of family films. It was nominated for seven Genie Awards, winning the prize for Film Editing (André Corriveau), and earned the Golden Reel Award for highest domestic box office gross.