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Glengarry School Days

(The Critical Age)

Year: 1923
Format: 35mm Black & White
Director: Henry MacRae
Producer: Ernest Shipman
Writer: Kenneth O’Hara, Faith Green
Cinematographer: Barney McGill
Editor: Henry MacRae
Cast: Raymond Peck, Pauline Garon, James Harrison, Wallace Ray, Marion Colvin, Harlan Knight, Alice May, William Colvin
Production Company: Ottawa Film Productions

Farmer’s son Tom Finlay (James Harrison) and senator’s son Bob Kerr (Wallace Ray) are rivals for the love of Margie Baird (Pauline Garon), the daughter of a senator (William G. Colvin). When Senator Kerr (Raymond S. Peck) attempts to pass a bill that will be harmful to farmers and Senator Baird opposes it, Senator Kerr attempts to frame him so his vote will be lost. Tom and Margie discover the plot and set out to foil it.

Ernest Shipman’s second Ottawa production and his fourth adaptation of Ralph Connors’s stories was produced on a modest budget and was not released generally until more than a year after its completion in 1922. It was not a major success. The film, which was released in the United States at The Critical Age, was also known, but never released, as The Good-for-Nothin’.

By: Peter Morris

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