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Faut aller parmi l'monde pour le savoir

Year: 1971
Language: French
Format: 16mm Colour/Black & White
Runtime: 88 min
Director: Fernand Dansereau
Producer: Fernand Dansereau
Executive Producer: Léo Jacques, Guy Mercier, Jacques Mondor, Pierre Parent
Cinematographer: Michel Brault
Editor: Roger Frappier
Sound: Serge Beauchemin, Benoit Fauteux
Music: Michel Garneau
Production Company: In-Media Inc., Société St-Jean Baptiste, Société Nationale des Québécois

This characteristic, direct cinema, "family album" film by Fernand Dansereau aimed to offer, in the director’s own words, "a warm and affectionate mirror image" of Quebec reality. Although it avoids confronting economic issues, it reflects the nationalist and "ethnic class" ideologies of the time and puts considerable emphasis on linguistic problems – namely, the preservation of Québécois culture through language. Faut aller parmi l’monde pour le savoir – which translates roughly as "it is necessary to be among the peoples of the world to know them" – can be seen, in many ways, as a continuation of Pierre Perrault’s Un pays sans bon sens! (1970).

The film was screened as part of the Director’s Fortnight programme at the 1971 Festival de Cannes.