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Cameron of the Royal Mounted

Year: 1921
Format: 35mm Black & White
Producer: Ernest Shipman
Writer: Faith Green, Ralph Connor
Cinematographer: William Thornley
Editor: Henry MacRae
Cast: Gaston Glass, Vivienne Osborne, Irving Cummings, Frank Lanning, George Larkin, Gordon Griffith, William Colvin, Joe Singleton
Production Company: Winnipeg Productions
After being falsely accused of forging a cheque on his father’s bank, Cameron (Gaston Glass) flees to the Canadian West, where he meets Mandy (Vivienne Osborne), the daughter of a farmer (William G. Colvin). But their romance is interrupted by a jealous hired hand (Joe Singleton), who hits Cameron over the head with an axe. Because of his past, Cameron decides not to see Mandy again and becomes a railway surveyor. His efficiency brings him to the attention of the RCMP who make him a corporal. He brings bootleggers to justice and, finally, rescues Mandy, who has been kidnapped, and clears himself of the forgery charge.

Ernest Shipman’s third Canadian feature, presently lost (although the first three reels, about one-third of the film, are held at the National Film Archives in Ottawa), appears to have been commercially successful and was certainly widely praised on its release for its “quality of authenticity,” its “vivid, thrilling dramatization,” and its “exciting rides and pursuits.”

By: Peter Morris

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