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An Unselfish Love

Year: 1910
Director: J Dawley
Cinematographer: Henry Cronjager
Cast: Laura Sawyer, Mabel Trunnelle, James Gordon, Herbert Prior, Richard Neill
Production Company: Edison Company, Canadian Pacific Railway

One of two surviving dramatic films (the other being The Song that Reached His Heart) from the series of thirteen produced by the Edison Company for the Canadian Pacific Railway to promote immigration, An Unselfish Love tells the story of a young man, John, who cannot marry Mabel, the woman he loves, because her tyrannical father prefers a wealthy suitor. John moves to southern Alberta where he prospers as a farmer and attracts the attention of a local spinster. However, despite her constant gifts of flowers, her affections are not returned. Back in the east, Mabel accepts her father’s choice of suitor after he inserts a false notice in the local paper announcing John’s engagement. When John receives the wedding invitation he begins to write a letter in response. This is read by the lovesick spinster, who, out of devotion to John, hurries east to tell Mabel the truth. Soon after, the lovers are reunited.

By: Peter Morris