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After the Axe

Year: 1981
Language: English
Format: 16mm Colour
Runtime: 56 min
Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
Producer: Steve Lucas, Sturla Gunnarsson
Executive Producer: Arthur Hammond
Writer: Steve Lucas
Cinematographer: Andreas Poulsson
Editor: Roger Mattiussi
Sound: Bryan Day, Jean-Pierre Joutel, Roger Mattiussi, Mike Hoogenboom
Music: Patricia Cullen, Sharon Smith
Narration: Roger Mattiussi
Cast: Randy Solomon, Anne Christison, Janine Manatis, James Douglas
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada

This docudrama examines executive management terminations and the growth industry of relocation counsellors. Biff Wilson (James Douglas), a senior marketing executive, is let go from a major food company after fifteen years of solid service. After losing his status and security, he is relegated to the role of dependent house-husband. As a result, his children come to resent him and his former colleagues avoid him.

Utilizing non-actors placed in real-life situations, After the Axe had the cooperation of the business community, which provided the authentic locations and even helped script actual scenes on set. The character of Biff is a composite figure based on extensive conversations with fired executives; the others in the film play themselves. A damning account of a corporate culture that stresses success over compassion, After the Axe received an Academy Award® nomination for Documentary Feature.

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