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A Place to Stand

Year: 1967
Language: English
Format: 35mm Colour
Runtime: 18 min
Director: Christopher Chapman
Producer: Christopher Chapman, David MacKay
Cinematographer: Christopher Chapman, Lazlo George, Joseph Sekeresh
Editor: Christopher Chapman
Music: Dolores Claman, Richard Morris
Production Company: TDF Film Productions, Ontario Department of Economics and Development

This innovative multi-image propaganda film for Ontario tourism – which was shot on 35mm and printed on 70mm – screened to great acclaim on a 30 X 66 foot screen at Expo ‘67. It cost almost $500,000 and was the origin of the IMAX process.

A Place to Stand won Canadian Film Awards for film of the year and non-feature sound editing and was also nominated for two Academy Awards® – one for best short documentary and the other, which it won, for best live action short film. It was re-released on 16mm in 1969.

By: Peter Morris

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