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One More River

(A Report on the Mood of the South Nine Years After the Supreme Court Ordered Integration with All Deliberate Speed)

Year: 1963
Language: English
Format: 16mm Black & White
Runtime: 52 min
Director: Beryl Fox, Douglas Leiterman
Producer: Douglas Leiterman
Cinematographer: Richard Leiterman, George Fenyon
Editor: Don Haig
Production Company: Allan King Associates Ltd., Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

This influential direct cinema documentary, which provides a portrait of the American South in the spring of 1963, was designed, in Douglas Leiterman’s words, to "communicate some sense of the real meaning of integration through the minds and emotions of the people directly involved." It includes interviews with blacks and whites and sequences depicting situations that reflect the tumult of the time: students demonstrating against the admission of blacks to a university, the owner of a café ordering blacks out, a black couple being refused admission to a theatre.

One More River won the CBC’s first Wilderness Award and is a key film for understanding the style of television documentary that evolved at the CBC in the mid-sixties. It was part of the Intertel series developed cooperatively by the CBC, the Australian Broadcasting Commission, Britain’s Associated Rediffusion and National Educational Television in the United States.