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Ricardo Trogi

Director, Screenwriter
(b. January 1, 1961)

The son of Italian immigrants, Ricardo Trogi made a dozen short films between 1994 and 1999, including Second Chance (1999), which screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and several others that were part of the 1994/1995 Course Destination Monde, in which young filmmakers competed to make short documentaries around the world. Trogi won third place in that competition and went on to direct television commercials for McDonald’s and Lotto-Quebec.

In his short career as a feature film director, he has already proven his knack for appealing to audiences. His first feature, the low-budget Gen-X road-trip comedy Québec-Montréal (02), was an unexpected box-office hit and won four Jutra Awards, including Best Picture, Director and Screenplay. He followed this with the popular Quebec TV mini-series Smash (2004). His next feature, Horloge biologique (2005), was also a tremendous success at the Quebec box office; after a month in release, it was playing on more than forty screens in and around Montreal, a release on a scale normally reserved for big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. Horloge biologique went on to gross more than $4 million in Quebec and was named one of Canada's Top Ten of 2005 by an independent, national panel of filmmakers, programmers, journalists and industry professionals.

Film and video work includes

Désert médiatique, Course Destination Monde series, 1994 (director)
Le Son de l'ignorance, Course Destination Monde series, 1994 (director)
Le Secret de Sberto, Course Destination Monde series, 1994 (director)
Figaro Pasquale, Course Destination Monde series, 1994 (director)
Second Chance, Course Destination Monde series, 1995 (director; writer)
C'est arrivé près de chez nous, 1996 (director; writer)
Le Tango de la nève (Il Tango della nueve), 1997 (director; writer)
Le Train du nord, 1998 (director)
Southend Stomp, 1998 (director)
Maurice, 1998 (director)
Viandes et substituts, 1998 (director; writer)
One Night, 1999 (director)
Québec-Montréal, 2002 (director; co-writer with Jean-Philippe Pearson, Patrice Robitaille)
Hélène et les contradictions, Smash series, 2004 (director; TV)
Horloge biologique, 2005 (director; co-writer with Jean-Philippe Pearson, Patrice Robitaille)

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