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Pierre Patry

Director, Producer
(b. November 2, 1933 Hull, Quebec)

Pierre Patry began his career as an actor, writer and radio deejay before joining the National Film Board in 1957 as a writer on the Panoramique series. Patry was a major force in the beginning of the Quebec feature-film industry in the sixties. He directed three features, most notably Trouble fête (1964). He also founded the film cooperative Coopératio with Roger Blais and Jean-Claude Lord in 1963, which went on to produce seven features in the next several years, including Entre la mer et l’eau douce (1967), Poussière sur la ville (1968), Délivrez-nous du mal (1966) and Les Colombes (1972).

Film and video work includes

Eye Witness No. 99: Canada's Caribbean Campus, 1958 (co-director with Hector Lemieux)
Germaine Guèvremont romancière, 1959 (director; writer)
Les Petites Soeurs, 1959 (director; writer)
Le Chanoine Lionel Groulx, historien, 1960 (director; co-writer with Lionel Groulx, André Laurendeau)
Collèges contemporain, 1960 (director; co-writer with Clément Perron)
Croisements et profits, 1961 (co-director with Clément Perron)
Loisirs, 1962 (co-director with Clément Perron)
Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, 1962 (director; co-writer with Lise Lavallée; co-editor with Victor Jobin)
Ti-Jean caribou series, 1963 (co-writer with Guy Fournier, Louise Fournier, Louise Norbert et al.; TV)
Petit Discours de la méthode, 1963 (co-director with Claude Jutra)
Il y eut un soir... il y eut un matin, 1964 (director; producer)
Une femme pour les autres, 1964 (director; writer)
Caïn, 1965 (director; producer with Jean Roy)
La Corde au cou, 1965 (director; co-writer with Claude Jasmin; co-production manager with Jean Roy)
3 hommes au mille carré, 1966 (co-director with Jacques Kasma)
Délivrez-nous du mal, 1966 (producer with Jean Roy)
Infirmière de nuit, 1966 (director)
Poussière sur la ville, 1968 (producer with Jean Roy)

By: Tom McSorley