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Morten Parker

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Educator
(b. July 28, 1919 Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Veteran director Morten Parker joined the National Film Board in 1943 and made a name for himself directing films addressing labour and social issues, namely the Labour in Canada series (1953-54) and The Nature of Work series (1958). He also directed The Fight: Science Against Cancer (1950) and The Stratford Adventure (1954), both of which were nominated for Academy Awards®.

In 1963, he and his wife Gudrun Parker formed Parker Film Associates and made several sponsored and television films dealing with social-justice issues. He currently works as an adjunct associate professor of film studies at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Film and video work includes

Maps We Live By, 1947 (co-writer with Gudrun Parker)
The Postman, 1947 (director)
Family Circles, 1949 (director; co-writer with Gudrun Parker)
Challenge: Science Against Cancer, 1950 (director)
The Outlaw Within, 1951 (director; writer)
Dues and the Union, 1953 (producer with Guy Glover)
The Shop Steward, 1953 (director; writer)
The Research Director, 1954 (producer)
The Stratford Adventure, 1954 (director)
Indochina, 1955 (director; writer)
Parliamentary Procedure, 1955 (director; writer)
Strike in Town, 1955 (co-writer with Ian MacNeill)
The Structure of Unions, 1955 (director)
Strike in Town [revised], 1956 (co-writer with Ian MacNeill)
The Clerk, 1958 (producer)
The General Foreman, 1958 (director, co-writer with John Wyllie; producer)
The Department Manager, 1958 (co-writer with Ian MacNeill; producer)
The Man on the Assembly Line, 1958 (director; writer; producer)
The Skilled Worker, 1958 (director; writer)
The Vice-President, 1958 (co-writer with Sidney Katz; producer)
The Bright Land, 1959 (director; writer)
The Maritimes: Traditions and Transitions, 1959 (director)
Angkor, the Lost City, 1961 (co-director with Roger Blais)
Charles Tupper: The Big Man, 1961 (director)
Blindness, 1964 (director)
John Cabot: A Man of the Renaissance, 1964 (director; writer)
The Red Kite, 1965 (director; writer)
A Trumpet for the Combo, 1965 (director)
Work of Art, 1965 (director; writer)
Labour College, 1966 (producer with John Howe)
The Meeting, 1966 (director; writer; producer with John Howe)
The Shattered Silence, 1966 (director; producer with John Howe)
The Case of Barbara Parsons, 1978 (director; writer)