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Marguerite Duparc

Producer, Editor
(b. March 13, 1933 - d. February 13, 1982 Montreal, Quebec)

A skilled editor and sensitive producer, Marguerite Duparc arrived in Quebec from France in 1955 and worked in film distribution, where she met her future husband, Jean Pierre Lefebvre. Duparc subsequently edited all of Lefebvre’s films until her death in 1982 and produced many of them through their production company, Cinak Compagnie Cinématographique Ltée.

Widely regarded as the soul of Cinak, Duparc cultivated the company’s reputation as an ardent supporter of French-Canadian cinema. She produced and edited numerous projects for other prominent Québécois filmmakers, most notably Denys Arcand (La Maudite Galette, 1972; Réjeanne Padovani, 1973), Jean Chabot (Mon enfance B Montréal, 1970) and André Blanchard (L’Hiver bleu, 1979).

She was working on her directorial debut, Histoires pour Blaise, a children’s feature combining animation and documentary-style live action, when she died of cancer. The film was completed posthumously by director Yves Rivard.

In 1983, Lefebvre released Au rythme de mon coeur, which tracks his year-long cross-Canada tour of various filmmakers’ collectives. Lefebvre has called the film a "personal diary" as it also documents Duparc’s worsening illness and eventual death. That same year, Quebec filmmaker Micheline Noël released the documentary, Marguerite en mémoire.

Film and video work includes

L'Homoman, 1964 (editor)
Le Révolutionnaire, 1965 (editor)
Patricia et Jean-Baptiste, 1966 (editor)
Mon amie Pierrette, 1967 (editor)
Jusqu'au cour, 1968 (editor)
Voir Pellan, 1968 (editor)
La Chambre blanche, 1969 (editor)
Mon enfance B Montréal, 1970 (editor)
Mon oeil, 1970 (editor)
Hiroko Ikoko, 1970 (editor)
Les Maudits sauvages, 1971 (editor)
Corps et âme, 1972 (producer; co-editor with Michel Audy)
O ou l'invisible enfant, 1972 (editor)
Ultimatum, 1973 (producer; editor)
L'Ile jaune, 1974 (producer; co-editor with Jean Cousineau)
Alfred Pellan, peintre 1974 (editor)
Le Gars des vues, 1976 (producer; editor)
L'Hiver bleu, 1979 (producer)
Conférence sur le Chili, 1980 (producer)
Le Soulier, 1980 (editor)
La Turlute des années dures, 1981 (associate producer)
Histoires pour Blaise, 1983 (co-director with Yves Rivard; co-producer with Yves Rivard)