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Alexandra Raffé

(b. July 28, 1955 Singapore)

Alexandra Raffé came to Canada from the United Kingdom in 1978 and spent ten years working with Xerox as a paralegal before finding her calling as a producer, first on Patricia Rozema’s award-winning short Passion: A Letter in 16mm (1985) and then on Rozema’s wildly successful I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing (1987). Coming just one year after the creation of the Ontario Film Development Corporation (OFDC), the success of Mermaids was the bellwether of Toronto’s new wave and led the way for a series of low-budget films by Atom Egoyan, Bruce McDonald, Peter Mettler and others.

Raffé served as executive producer on some of the most innovative English-language Canadian films of their time, including David Wellington’s I Love a Man in Uniform (1992), Paul Shapiro’s The Lotus Eaters (1992), John Greyson’s groundbreaking AIDS musical Zero Patience (1992) and Keith Behrman’s Jutra Award-winning Flower & Garnet (2002). In total, her films have won twelve Genie awards.

In 1993 Raffé was co-chair of the Cultural Industries Strategy for the Province of Ontario and from 1994 to 1998 she was CEO of the Ontario Film Development Corporation (OFDC). She then served as a corporate, strategic and policy consultant for the Canadian Television fund, the Canadian Film Centre, Manitoba Screen and Sound and the National Screen Institute (NSI), for whom she designed, funded and launched the feature film development training programme Features First.

She is currently the president of Savi Media Inc., a film and television production company founded in 2000 that primarily produces movies, series and documentary programmes for television and is involved in a number of international co-productions. She also serves on the board of the Canadian Film and Television Producers Association (CFTPA), is co-chair of the Ontario Producer’s Panel, and is vice chair of the Feature Film Committee and the National Screen Institute.

Film and video work includes

Police Academy 3: Back in Training, 1986 (production coordinator)
White Room, 1990 (producer)
The Lotus Eaters, 1993 (executive producer)
Rape, 1999 (executive producer)
Maximum Capacity, 2001 (executive producer)
My Tango with Porn, 2003 (executive producer)
Zixx Level One series, 2004 (executive producer)
Zixx Level Two series, 2005 (executive producer)